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How to Add a Style to a Page

The C1 website developer may associate one or more CSS classname to any element on the page. This will allow you to change the visual styling of the element with a few clicks of the mouse. On this website, two classnames have been associated to the table element.

While one of the styles suits a multi-purpose table with lots of text:

Question Answer Notes
What exactly does Omnicorp produce and/or sell? We synergize professional resources by no-nonsense facilitation of global business infrastructures. Business is booming.
How can I apply for a job at Omnicorp? You can't. We have no public job listings. If you are talented enough, Omnicorp will hire you eventually. We will contact you on your home address.

- the other one is more suited for numbers and currencies. In the table below, the right-aligned text makes it easy to compare figures:

Company Seasonal turnover Increase in turnover
Omnicorp 23.500.100.864,00,50
Tropical Office 2.023,00 -523,50

Let's see how this works:

  1. In the Visual Editor, create a new table (see how to insert a table).
  2. Select the table using the status bar:

    • Place the cursor inside a table cell.
    • In the status bar, click the word table to select the whole table:
    Select a table in the status bar
  3. This will activate the classname selector on the Visual Editor toolbar, allowing you to choose a different style for the table.

    Select a classname for the table
  4. Select one of the classname in the selector, for example, text. The table will change the way it looks.