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How to Use SEO Assistant

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via "natural" ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results.

When you insert content on your website, it is important to make sure that the pages are optimized for search engines. This is to ensure that your visitors and customers will be able to easily find your website using a search engine, for example, Google.

Composite C1 has the SEO Assistant tool that can give you some guidelines about how well the individual pages are optimized for search engines.

SEO Assistant has two tabs. One tab is for displaying results and the other tab is for your keyword list. The keyword is a global list where you can insert as many words as you like. The words that you insert on the keyword list should be words that you would like to enhance on your website.

How to insert words on the keyword list:

  1. Open SEO Assistant from the Tools menu.
  2. Click the Keywords tab.
  3. Place the cursor in the white area and type in the words you want to enhance on your website.
  4. After typing each word, press Enter.

    Type Keywords

  5. When you have inserted the selected words, click the Save button.

The best way to optimize your website is to make sure that there is a single page fully optimized for each of the words in the keyword list. SEO Assistant tests if keywords are present in 6 different areas.

SEO Assistant Check Areas

These are the Title, URL, menu title, description, Heading and the content area. With SEO Assistant you can test one page at a time.

How to optimize a page for search:

  1. Open SEO Assistant.
  2. Select the page you want to test.
  3. Click Edit in the toolbar and click the Preview tab.
  4. When Preview is selected, the results for each of the keywords present on the current page will be displayed on the Result tab.
  5. If you click the Expand button (“+”), you will see which areas of the page the word occurs in. The green checkmarks indicate that the word is present and the red cross that the word is not present.

  6. This gives you a quick overview of how well the selected page is optimized for the chosen words.

If you click a word in the result list, it will be highlighted on the Preview tab.

SEO Highlights
(click the image to view it enlarged)