Hans og Katrine Sørensen

How to Insert a Flash Movie into a Page

While inserting images is supported out-of-the-box in Composite C1, inserting a Flash movie requires that you install our free Flash-support module. This page explains how to use the Flash-support module. But since website developers may prefer other techniques for handling of Flash content, don't be surprised if your own C1 solution takes another approach.

To insert a Flash movie:

  1. Edit a page where you want to insert your Flash movie and click the Content tab.
  2. Click Insert, Function and select Composite.Media.FlashViewer.

  3. In the Function Properties, select the Flash File you want to insert, specify the Width and Height of the embedded movie on the page.
  4. Optionally, you can also choose whether you want the movie to Repeat playing and indicate the Flash Version to use.
  5. Click OK and save the page.

When you preview the page, you will see your Flash movie being played.